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Tank Construction


B3 Contracting is a licensed contractor, experienced in every aspect of above ground storage tank building. From telemetry, excavation, foundations, tank erection, roof installation, site reclamation and every other aspect of a successful tank project. B3 Contracting holds contractor licenses in a number of states and carries full insurance coverage and bonding capacity.


B3 Contracting's experienced crews take pride in a job well done. They understand the value of preparation, hard work and follow through one time, every time. Building tanks is hard, and our crews welcome the challenge. Our crews also understand that our main focus is always on safety, and we demand full compliance with the latest safety rules and regulations. 

We use a jack system to erect many of our tanks. The top ring and roof are erected first, then the jacks raise the completed ring to a designated height and install the next ring below. The process is duplicated until the tank has reached the specified height. We employ scaffolding where the jack system is not feasible.

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