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Elk Lick tank

B3 Contracting, LLC is a division of B3 Electric, LLC and was founded in early 2018 by industry veteran, John Baker. Baker's long term business relationships with some of the tank industry's leading companies have provided the company with a strong foundation based upon integrity, quality and awesome customer service.


Building upon the company's existing team of expert project managers, operations managers and technicians, B3 Contracting, LLC recruited an experienced team of industry experts to drive the company's tank business. 

B3 Contracting takes a no-nonsense, professional approach to every project. We believe our customers deserve it.


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Powder Coated Tanks


B3 Contracting, LLC has partnered industry-leader, Superior Tank Company, Inc. for bolted powder coated tanks. Our relationship with Superior Tank Company is just one of the options allowing our team to provide you with the right tank for the right price.

Powder Coated Bolted Steel Tanks - can be used in a variety of applications, including potable water storage, water storage for fire protection, wastewater storage and more. Available in a wide array of colors. 

Why Choose Powder Coating...

  • Design life of 20+ years

  • SiZr seal beneath the powder coating provides secondary corrosion protection.

  • Various powder formulas are available to meet project requirements

  • Standard colors and hundreds of custom colors available

  •  ​Environmentally friendly

  • Cost efficient

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Superior Tank Company, Inc.
Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Bolted Steel Tank Coatings

Project Management


B3 Contracting, LLC provides estimates, structural calculations, contracting, excavation and installation.

Things to consider for your next project:

  • What is to be stored? Potable water, non-potable water, or a dry product?

  • Budget. Budgetary and build considerations will also influence tank selection.

  • Tank capacity and required configuration: shorter with a large diameter, or taller with a narrower diameter?

  • Soil conditions of proposed site. A geotechnical report is often needed to determine soil conditions and foundation requirements.

  • Surrounding environment. Does the tank need to blend in or be noticeable?

Stainless Steel Tanks

When a stainless steel tank is the best tank for the application, B3 Contracting, LLC is proud to be affiliated with American Structures, Inc. (ASI) For more than 40 years, ASI has been the leader in stainless steel storage tanks for potable and non-potable water, process and dry storage applications in the municipal, agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors. 

​ASI Stainless steel tanks are designed to meet AWWA standards and have a design life of more than 40 years.

Why Choose Stainless...

  • Maintenance free

  • Stain resistant and rust free

  • Versatile and able to store many different materials

  • 100% recyclable.

  • Fire and heat resistant

  • High strength-to-weight ratio

  • Impact resistant

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American Structures, Inc.





Stainless Steel Potable Water Storage Tanks

Stainless steel is often the preferred tank for potable water, by providing water containment for water that can be consumed without concern for adverse heath effects.

Standpipe designed tanks have a greater height than diameter and are generally used for municipal and rural potable water storage, as well as industrial process water.


Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks can hold both potable and non-potable water, including resuer water, run-off water and water collection tank water. Fire protection tanks are used to store water that can be used later for fire protection and/or lawn care and restroom water utilization.

Bolted Tank (Powder Coated) Installation

Bolted steel tanks require onsite assembly. Superior bolted tanks are manufactured to exacting tolerances. B3 Contracting, LLC's experienced field crew received training in correct tank layout, organized material staging and panel installation.

B3 Contracting,LLC's field operations meets required safety regulations and makes safety its number one priority.

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Knott County, KY stainless steel potable water tank 
Completed June, 2019

Breathitt County tank - roof installation

Breathitt County, KY
Completed Sept. 2019


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