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Safety & Quality Assurance

Safety & Risk Management
Hard hat for safety

At B3 Contracting, safety takes priority over everything. Our personnel receive continuous and critical safety training. We adhere to OSHA standards in our shop, and our construction sites. Our foremen are required to have an OSHA-30 certification.

B3 Contracting strives to meet or exceed customer and industry requirements. B3 conforms to API, ASME, NFPA, AWWA and all other relevant standards, codes and regulations, as well as our own strict quality control policies and procedures.

As a general contractor, our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is consistently less than .80 percent. Contractor EMR is used by insurance companies to gauge both past cost of injuries and future risk. The industry average floats at 1.0 percent. The EMR figure is calculated by OSHA. Companies with 10 or more employees must provide three years of OSHA 300 logs for review to determine a history of accidents and work practices. B3 Contracting's attention to safety processes has resulted in our excellent .80 EMR rate, which is significantly below industry averages.

Quality Assurance
  • Before a tank is fabricated, written submittals with drawings and specifications are given to the project engineer for approval.

  •  Once the tank is fabricated, excavation begins and is done according to the engineers plan and approved prior to pouring concrete.

  • Regular progress meetings ensure construction and process are meeting or exceeding expectations.

  • Parts and materials are inventoried when they arrive on site.

  • Integrity of the tank is monitored and either jacks or specialized scaffolding is used.

  • Project owner is given "As Built" plans.

  • Safety is monitored at all times.

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