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Bolted Steel Powder Coated

Bolted Steel Powder Coated

B3 Contracting, LLC partnered with industry-leader, Superior Tank Company, Inc. for bolted powder coated tanks. Our relationship with Superior Tank Company is just one of the options allowing our team to provide you with the right tank for the right price.

Powder Coated Bolted Steel Tanks can be used in a variety of applications, including potable water storage, water storage for fire protection, wastewater storage and more. Available in a wide array of colors. 

Why Choose Powder Coating...

  • Design life of 40 years

  • SiZr seal beneath the powder coating provides secondary corrosion protection.

  • Various powder formulas are available to meet project requirements

  • Standard colors and hundreds of custom colors available

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Cost efficient

Bolted steel powder coated storage tanks are available in a variety different finishes, coatings and capacities designed for the project site specifications, codes and industry standards. These tanks are suited for applications such as potable water storage, wastewater, water for fire protection, crude oil, irrigation water and dry bulk material. 

Bolted tanks arrive to the job site as complete kits including hardware, structure and accessories and therefore can be built in only 1/3 the time of other tank designs. The coating is applied at the factory eliminating the need to coat the storage tank in the field and ensuring a high-quality finish to protect the steel completely from corrosion. With a lifespan of up to 40 years with proper maintenance, bolted steel tanks offer a lower overall life cycle cost. Bolted tanks are made with replaceable panels which simplifies maintenance, relocation, expansion and exporting .

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