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Tank Overview

Applications - the right tank for the job
Clean water

Municipal & Wastewater

Environmental Worker

Industrial & Fire Protection

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Dry Storage & Grain Bins

Grain Bins

Potable Water


Bringing clean drinking water to communities requires storage tanks that meet stringent specifications. B3 Contracting has worked with municipalities to deliver quality tanks that meet the specific project requirements and within the designated budgets.

B3 Contracting offers several types of tanks that are appropriate for potable water while meeting the needs of the municipality.

Understanding the environmental impact of industrial runoff has changed the way industries conduct business.


With most industrial manufacturing processes creating wastewater, fully compliant storage tanks are critical to proper water treatment. 

B3 Contracting offers turnkey industrial storage tank solutions that meet or exceed environmental and local standards.

Dry storage tanks, or silos provide storage for dry substances such as grain, gravel, sand, corn or other non-liquid, low level humidity products.


Grain storage bins must be built with materials designed to protect the product from the harshest weather. 


Fire Protection

Wastewater includes stormwater, industrial byproduct, runoff and other contaminated water. Proper containment is critical.


Wastewater tanks must meet stringent environmental specifications. Tank projects from B3 Contracting meet or exceed requirements. 

Fire protection tanks provide supplemental onsite water for large warehouses, industrial manufacturing facilities and other facilities that may have a fire hazard. Having immediate access to water removes the concern of having a water shortage during a fire. 

Fire protection storage tanks are also used for protection agains wildfires in remote areas.

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